Monday, January 2, 2017


Product Review

Staying Cool
Fighting fire in South Florida is brutal. The heat, sun and high humidity creates some of the most demanding conditions for firefighters. So when I was asked to evaluate a product that was created to increase our comfort on the job I jumped at the chance.
The Cool Towel is an individually packaged personal use terry cloth towel impregnated with an all natural solution. After on scene decontamination, you open one up, shake it out and dab your face and neck with it. Once you are done just place it bag in the re-sealable bag for repeated use.

At first I was skeptical, but I tried it. And it felt great. The cooling sensation is similar to that you get after using aftershave, but without any burning. Also your skin feels conditioned after using it.
A Rehab unit should keep these on their shelves, particularly for extended operations such as Haz Mat, EOD, MCI or SWAT calls.

They come in three different sizes and the small ones run about a buck a piece. They’re cheap, portable, reusable and a great addition to any departments rehabilitation plan.
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